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Any business owner knows, when you run your own company, you don’t just have to be fluent in the industry; you have to know those things that support your business operations, such as regulations and legal practices. Keeping up with changes to the legal statutes can be time-consuming job that takes you away from those things in your business on which you should be focused, though. That’s why many business owners find the value in employing in-house counsel. By keeping an attorney on staff, you ensure all contracts, forms, and other legal matters are given the attention they require, while you keep your focus on the business at hand.

Does Your Business Need In-House Counsel?

The question of whether or not your business needs in-house counsel is a complex one that only you and your executive staff can answer. Think about how much time you spend on legalities on a daily or weekly basis, and how confident you are in those legalities. While you can always consult with a business attorney on an as-needed basis, once those hours start to accumulate, you may find the cost of having an attorney on staff is actually lower than paying by the hour.

Generally-speaking, any business that deals with the public, vendors, and other contractual relationships can benefit from legal counsel. The more contracts you sign, the more likely it is you are consulting with an attorney on a daily basis to go over those contracts and make sure they say what you want them to say. If your company is in a position to be sued, or threatened with lawsuits, due to the nature of your business, keeping an attorney on-staff can be an important defensive measure, as you will always have someone to speak on your behalf.

Boca Raton In-House Counsel

Deciding whether or not you deal with enough legal matters on a daily basis to need an attorney on the staff of your Florida business is step one. If you decide you do, you next need to find an attorney with experience as in-house counsel, someone who is up-to-date on business statutes, and will quickly catch on to those that specifically affect your industry. Melody Cobbe is an experienced business attorney offering in-house counsel to companies and business owners in Broward and Palm Beach Counties. She can help you determine if in-house counsel would be the best legal step for your company’s interests.

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Our firm specializes in helping business retain a competitive advantage and maximize profitability while maintaining the ability to react quickly and protecting themselves from legal exposure.

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