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When you employ people at your business, you have an extensive, rigid set of rules by which you must abide to be in compliance with the employment laws in the state of Florida. In many companies, compliance with these rules falls upon the Human Resources department, who keep up on the laws that govern employment in the state and ensure the company abides by these laws in the hiring of employees and all aspects of daily work.

Owning a small company with few employees and no Human Resources staff is no excuse for letting the legalities of employing individuals fall by the wayside. By working with an employment consultant with Human Resources experience, you can ensure your company is always up on Florida employment law, while keeping your in-house personnel expenses down.

Legal Aspects of Employment

Nearly every aspect of employing other people is governed by employment law, and with good reason. Laws regarding wages, working hours, meals and breaks, safety conditions, and nondiscrimination in hiring are written to protect workers’ rights and keep workplaces physically and mentally healthy for employees.

Employment contracts are another major aspect of running a business that involves the law. A well-written contract protects both the employer and employee, and is legally-binding for both parties. A poorly-written contract protects no one, and can leave your company open to lawsuits or unfair competition by former employees.

Florida Employment Consultant and Human Resources Attorney

While not every new or small company needs a dedicated Human Resources employee on staff, every company, no matter how big or small, is subject to the same laws regarding employment in the state of Florida, and subject to the penalties that go along with those laws if they fail to follow the rules for employing workers in the state. By utilizing the services of a business attorney as your employment consultant, you ensure your business has a person with employment law experience who can be consulted  when you are in need of legal guidance regarding issues that may arise with employees, without the expense of keeping a dedicated Human Resources member as part of your full-time staff.

Attorney Melody Cobbe provides employment and Human Resources consultation to business owners in Broward and Palm Beach Counties. When you need help with the legal side of employee relations, let her put her experience in business law to work for your company.

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