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Business Formation/Commercial Agreements

When you enter a business relationship with another party, it is essential to keep in mind that this agreement is not just binding at the outset of your collaboration, but is binding to the end. Whatever stipulations you agree to in that original contract will stay with you and your company when the profits start to come in, when other partnerships come into play, and when you are ready to sell your company, should that be on your agenda. Before signing an agreement for any type of business transaction, consultation with an attorney ensures your personal and professional interests are upheld along with the interests of the company, so you don’t end up fighting a losing battle somewhere down the road.

New Business Formations

Forming a business in Florida is not a difficult process. You need to pick a name not already in wide use in the state, determine whether you want your business to be a corporation or limited liability company (LLC), obtain a business license, and register with the state. To complete this process, you do have to meet several requirements, though, including the creation of articles of incorporation and filing for an Employer Identification Number (EIN) with the IRS so your business can be taxed, if your business is a corporation. If you fail to meet these requirements, your business will be operating illegally, which is why many individuals seeking to go into business prefer to let an attorney handle all the paperwork so they know everything has been done properly.

Commercial Agreements

As with the papers required to form your business, when it comes to forming commercial agreements with other parties, whether they are clients, vendors, or business partners, you do not want to leave anything out. Ensuring the contract covers every legal issue that might arise between you and the other signing party is one of your greatest defenses against the other party taking legal steps against you if they believe you are in breach of contract. Your experience contract attorney will find the missing parts of business agreements, ensuring you are completely covered.

Boca Raton Business Formation and Commercial Agreements Attorney

Never sign a business contract without having it looked at by an attorney who is on your side. If you are looking to form a business in Broward or Palm Beach County, or are about to sign a business contract, let Melody Cobbe put her experience in business agreements to work for you.

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