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At Cobbe Law, we are committed to being your business’ counsel for all legal matters – from start-up to breakup. Cobbe Law utilizes a solutions-oriented approach that is geared toward achieving the client’s defined goals and objectives.   Cobbe Law clients now have the ability to outsource their legal business needs while still receiving individual attention.  We have developed a simple and effective program that provides you and your company legal support on an as-needed basis, specific project, or monthly retainer.  All of this without sacrificing quality representation.  Currently offered services include:

Business Formation/Commercial Agreements

When you enter a business relationship with another party, it is essential to keep in mind that this agreement is not just binding at the outset of your collaboration, but is binding to the end. Whatever stipulations you agree to in that original contract will stay with you and your company when the profits start to come in, when other partnerships come into play, and when you are ready to sell your company, should that be on your agenda. Before signing an agreement for any type of business transaction, consultation with an attorney ensures your personal and professional interests are upheld along with the interests of the company, so you don’t end up fighting a losing battle somewhere down the road.

Employment Consulting/Human Resources

When you employ people at your business, you have an extensive, rigid set of rules by which you must abide to be in compliance with the employment laws in the state of Florida. In many companies, compliance with these rules falls upon the Human Resources department, who keep up on the laws that govern employment in the state and ensure the company abides by these laws in the hiring of employees and all aspects of daily work.

In-House Counsel

Any business owner knows, when you run your own company, you don’t just have to be fluent in the industry; you have to know those things that support your business operations, such as regulations and legal practices. Keeping up with changes to the legal statutes can be time-consuming job that takes you away from those things in your business on which you should be focused, though. That’s why many business owners find the value in employing in-house counsel. By keeping an attorney on staff, you ensure all contracts, forms, and other legal matters are given the attention they require, while you keep your focus on the business at hand.

Landlord and Tenant Consulting

Whether you are a landlord or a tenant, a bad rental situation can be financially and emotionally debilitating. While both those who own properties and those who do the renting have rights and responsibilities as set forth in the rental contract, enforcing that contract from either side is not always as simple as it should be. When rental disputes arise, it doesn’t matter which side of the rental relationship you are on; you need an attorney who can help you determine your best course of action under the law.

Purchase or Sale of an Existing Business

The buying or selling of a business, from a legal standpoint, is about far more than contracts. While the final deal is important, and it is, in fact, the contract that legally finalizes that deal, setting forth the rules, rights, and responsibilities of all parties involved, your attorney is a far more valuable resource than just someone to check over the paperwork. Business sales and acquisitions begin at a point of negotiations, and working with an attorney who knows the best deal to make, and how to get it, can make all the difference in coming out of a business deal completely satisfied.

Mission Statement

Our firm specializes in helping business retain a competitive advantage and maximize profitability while maintaining the ability to react quickly and protecting themselves from legal exposure.

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